When is the best time to take a university admissions test?

Taking an admissions test is a huge step toward getting accepted at the university of your choice. Your scores affect your eligibility for admission and can also open doors to scholarships and other financial aid.

One key to opening up those opportunities is knowing when to take the test and making a plan to use your scores in the most efficient way.

Many factors can influence when you should take the test, including whether your chosen university has an application or scholarship deadline, or perhaps an academic program or major you are persuing that requires a test score.

This is why waiting until grade 12 to take the test for the first time might be too late. Many students choose to take the test a second time during grade 12 to achieve a higher score. Testing the first time during grade 11 gives you plenty of time to follow that option.

There are many other advantages to testing during grade 11:

  • You will have completed most of the coursework that is reflected on the test.
  • You will have test scores and information in time to influence your choices during grade 12. For example, you will have time to take additional courses if your score in a certain subject area is low.
  • The data you receive in your score report can help you decide on which universities and colleges to visit in person.
  • You will have more chances to retest during your grade 12 year if you want to achieve higher scores. ACT research has shown that more than half of students who took the ACT test more than once increased their ACT score.

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