Visit ACT at the upcoming AASSA Educators’ Conference in Chile! (April 2-4)

Pre-Conference:  April 2 & 3, 2019

Main Conference:     April 4 – 6, 2019

Visit ACT and Seminarium at this conference and learn more about ACT products and services, including the ACT Holistic Framework, designed to help your students navigate from school to career!


Empower Partnerships,Transform Learning: Authentic connections, between individuals as well as the school and the larger community, transform both learning and the student. These partnerships are essential to creating consequential experiences in a collaborative environment among students and teachers. Students who are connected to their learning in authentic ways and have meaningful opportunities to collaborate with each other learn more deeply and are better prepared for success in life. Partnerships between teachers foster collegial environments that focus on improving student outcomes and have the opportunity to transform schools. Connecting our students and schools with other schools, organizations, businesses, and the community creates opportunities for collaboration, leadership, and learning for both students and teachers. How do schools empower these partnerships to transform our students’ education, our practices, and our students?

Come meet ACT and Seminarium officials at our exhibit!

Last day to register: March 1

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